Sarasota:  Coffrin Jewelers has some questions for the looting protesters that ransacked his store


Coffrin Jewelers

Mr Looter


I’m not writing this out of respect, I’m not writing this because your white, black, brown or maybe in the past wore a thin blue line… Im writing this because I’m sorry you think looting is protesting…. And I ask you mr looter…..


What did you accomplish?

What did you gain?

Did you get that pain and anger out?

I do every morning but I hit the iron like I’m possessed ….. And then train my dogs till we all drop dead, then a cold shower and I’m good.

What were you thinking mr looter when you broke my window? Was that part of the cause, did it bring anyone back that was unjustly killed? Did it cure oppression? Because I think not, you don’t have a voice you don’t have a cause you don’t have a movement you just broke shit….. Im sorry you are angry I my self am angry sometimes, I throw shit , break shit and yell shit. But its my own shit ?


Mr looter I ask again what was your cause when you broke my window? What was your thinking? I want to know?

Ill even sit with you and talk about it…. maybe we will end up breaking shit mr looter…. Because you know what it did for me…. Well it made my manager wake up at midnight and come down and stand guard, then it made me come down at 3am and sit down here and stand guard. Then the police came and did there thing…. Then I picked up glass and boarded my window…. But you know what disgust me mr looter, not you nooooooo not you , because you cant stop me or hurt me Ive been through more shit on the side or racism and having things damaged or stolen then you can imagine….


Im upset with the people then next morning and took pictures with their I-phones and filmed me as I picked up glass… They asked very negative questions about me my business….. Luckily I had a vacuum and just let it keep running as they filmed me for there 1 sec of fame on facebook ( congrats camera people you suck) Now back to you mr looter you know what else you made me do… you made me sleep in my store last night because I was worried about my life…. part of my life is in that store ( I did say part) not all ? I stayed there because I was worried about this blackouttuesday thing…. Not about protesters, not at all not one single bit worried about protesters but, about you again mr looter because If you would have came back it would have been different I would have defended what was mine and I was not alone…. I had back up ?… My saying goes ( you breach I teach) and I would have taught you a lesson I promise …. You would have left in a bus or a Hurst and I would have left in the back of a car….


And I ask again mr looter what would that have accomplished ? Would it have been like kneeling = no would it have been like standing up for what you believe in=no would it have been getting other people behind you and voice your opinion about a cause=no would it have gotten the anything accomplish but death a devastation = no… So I ask again mr looter what did you do…. and to all looters ….. what did you actually do but make the next person pick up glass ?