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Public Health Officials Brace For Deadliest Flu Season In Recent Memory As COVID-19 Supercharges Risk | Zero Hedge



Public health experts are already bracing for one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory as they prepare for the novel coronavirus to become intermixed with influenza infections, potentially leading to a devastating preponderance of dual infections, Bloomberg reports.


With few experts actually expecting a widely available vaccine before the end of the year, Covid activity is expected to “continue for some time” and “could place a tremendous burden” on a health care system that remains vulnerable even as cases and hospitalizations have tapered off in the worst-hit areas, even as other parts of the US rise up to fill their place.


Dr. Fauci is expected to share more warnings about the upcoming flu season, which typically begins in the fall, during his Congressional testimony on Tuesday.


An already stretched health-care system if coupled with the influenza season that comes each fall, top officials including Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, will tell House lawmakers on Tuesday, according to prepared testimony.