Mayor of Venice and his “Consortium” start to go into high gear to ensure that Newsom does not return to the city council

By Francesco Abbruzzino, Publisher, The Scoop



The “Consortium” is ramping up their efforts to take down Venice Council Member Newsom.  This is an email from a person that worked diligently to get Ronald elected.   Oddly enough, Ron’s comments are a bit hypocritical.  He had a huge influx from the Democratic Party and a ton of special interest groups.   Many would not give money directly to him, but direct their members too.   So, for him to come down other candidates for taking “dark money” is a laughable, since he was taking in a lot of “Consortium Money”


Regrading Newsom, he hasn’t even filed to run again.  More than likely he will, but as of 5.31.20, he is not listed on the county site.  Mitzie is the only individual running.  She has a history of pledging to fight development, yet I think she has voted 70% (rough estimate) of the time in favor of new development.   She is a bit strange.  She was upset that the City Council would refer to another member as doctor because he is a Chiropractor.  So, she demanded that they refer to her as doctor, since she has her PH.D.   Needless to say, Mitzie is a council member that the “Consortium” will be backing, since she worked diligently to get their candidates elected last November. 


Personally, I think Mitizie and Newsom need to go, but the voters have shown that they do not understand the issues and they will just put another clueless Ron Feinsod clone in office.   So, does it really matter?

I say this about Ronald because several people (many that supported him) have communicated their disappointment with him. This is due to Ronald being a “no show Mayor” (rarely involved), the invocation fiasco, caught lying to stop a Boone development (Boone crossed Ron and made him look ridiculous), not putting a stop to development as he lead the public to believe he would do, and many other concerns.





Comment by Council Member Newsome about his honesty being challenged.

Ron Feinsod <[email protected]>

Thu 5/28/2020 11:50 AM




Hi Ed,


Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience with our City Council. I believe that transparency in our government is important. Campaign finance was a significant concern during the last election with a large influx of “ dark money” being spent to promote certain candidates. We should all work to protect our City Government from the corrosive effects of partisan politics.


Best regards,

Mayor Ron





From: Edwin Martin <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 12:06:40 PM
To: City Council <[email protected]>
Subject: Comment by Council Member Newsome about his honesty being challenged.


I reported that Mr. Newsome receive two $1000.00 campaign contributions, from a development-related firm, and its principal.  He also had signs prominently located on the construction site on W.Venice Ave., which was approved when he was on the Planning Commission and received another $1000. From the owners.


I see that as legitimate information, the contributions are in the public record, the signs visible to all.


I leave it to the public to judge the significance, I did not label them as illegal, etc..

I do think it shows values as a public official.


Ed Martin


  1. I took no contributions from anyone having any business interest with the City, nor did Ernie Zavodnyik or Sue Lang.