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When will the gyms and bars be able to open up for business?

By Francesco Abbruzzino, Publisher, The Scoop



Gyms are slated for opening during phase 2 of the state’s unconstitutional infringement on our rights.


When will it begin?  Well who the hell knows, it all depends on some factors that are not all that clear.  


What can we expect during phase 2?

  • Gyms can open back up
  • Bars can re-open at 50% of capacity
  • Restaurants and food establishments can increase their inside dining capacity from 25% to 75%.
  • Sporting events at 50% of venue occupancy
  • Theme parks may consider re-opening with some occupancy constraints, strict social distancing and proper cleaning


Hair salons were expected to open during phase 2, but the Governor moved it up, by allowing them to open up on Monday.


To read the Governors “Plan for Florida’s Recovery” click — >>>> here.