Venice: Honestly.. it’s been a long while since I have experienced such a human disturbing and disgusting behavior in person..





While standing in line at the VENICE, FLORIDA POST OFFICE; with my fiance:


~A (WHITE) customer was having an dispute with the post office employee, (who white himself), about a CD, that could get damaged when run through the x-ray, and also the cost is $4 dollars. The customer battles the reasons and argues that the information given to him and the price was wrong, because he had been mailing these items for years. Over a bit, the management was called up.


The manager (Black) consented and backed up the facts of cost, and x-ray issue, the customer then became a piss ant, and argued more with the management who was doing his job, offered solutions, but was still being slander by the customer, so much so, that the customer told the management “I hope someone doesn’t put a foot on your neck”.


The whole line of white women customers and myself were just stuck and stunned, including the post office employees, after in such shock, the management aggressively stated to the customer to get out, as he called police. Voided all the transactions and returned all of his belongings.


The manager handled himself with ? dignity and respect, while visible upset!! People were upset, including my fiance.


Once the customer cleared out, the management apologized, and many of us was, letting him know he did nothing wrong, and he did his job, he was in his rights, and job rights-!!!


Truthfully, we as humans of all races have to do a better job of backing up our fellow humans to expunge out the hidden and apparent pockets of racism.


It’s been a long time since I experienced such a public disgust, and the times I have was never in a public venue.


But we have reached this level ugly in the public lines, and we as people should be ashamed.





Remember that word.


I do not know about you, but I have multi-ethnic families and friends, that I have concerns, worry for them all, and seems more often then not as of late.


I am all for a positive, passion, progressive, compassion, culture enriched society.

If you are not..get the fuck out of the way of us.


I do not care for your semantics and rhetoric bullshit. If your racist, we are going to call you out on it.