Venice:  Help me ID this car, the driver just hit my teenager and then took off


I must add that this is an ALLEGATION from Amanda. I have learned that there are always two sides to every story and we do not know wha the drivers of the car has to say. – Francesco Abbruzzino


Amanda Nichole


Anybody know this car! Incident happened at Palermo and tamiami intersection, on the island by wells fargo. Ill be taking this video to the police to see if they can i.d. this tag. This car just hit my 16 year old on his bike on his way to work and THEN DROVE AWAY! That is a hit and run buddy! And as a mom im super angry you hit my son and think its ok to just drive away! Thank god these good people took this video when they saw what he did! Then stopped to see if my son was good and shared this to him. This could have gone MUCH worse! To many accidents in this town and to many fatalities due to NOT PAYING ATTENTION to bikes and pedestrians! This is ILLEGAL! It is called a HIT AND RUN! And I want your information SIR! You’re sooooo lucky my son isn’t hurt and im just angry! Before the comments pour in.. My son was following the proper laws. Used crosswalk. And it was his turn to go.