Someone Snitched on a Food Pantry Helping Needy During Pandemic, So Gov’t Shut It Down

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Amesbury, MA — There have been few things more divisive in recent American history than the current pandemic which we have been watching unfold over the past two months. While politics should play absolutely no role in a pandemic, it’s become the polarizing central issue currently tearing America in half. It is also turning countless Americans into tattletales who rat out their neighbors for not standing six feet apart, or, as the following infuriating case illustrates, helping those in need.


Last week, Tracey Brown, of Amesbury, wanted to do something good for her community in their time of need. So, she converted her front yard free library box — that let people check out books for free — into a mini-food pantry.


The pantry was on her private property, contained non-perishable goods, and even had wipes outside so anyone who used it could wipe it down with they were done. Brown stocked the pantry with dry goods, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other items and took to Facebook to promote it. Needless to say, it was very well received. In her post, Brown described her endeavor as something she wanted to do to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic:


Our little Amesbury Pantry is stocked with some awesome things…please help spread the word so people who need things can come by and help themselves. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!


As I was going about my morning…I started to think “What is my Coronavirus Story?” We all have one. We are living in very stressful times these days…most of us are likely dealing with anxiety and uncertainty. Either you or someone you know has lost their job, their ability to earn a living, is ill with this virus or passed away. We are all struggling in our own way. There is so much information being shared…determining fact from fiction can be daunting. One thing I thought about today was my story…how I am navigating this time? Part of me wishes I could wave my fairy wand and make the world a better place, but I know that’s not realistic. Like most of you, I have my own opinions about things…but I thought it was more important to think about how I wanted to look back on this time. Do I want to reflect back and think about a disagreement I had with someone, about the doom and gloom of it all or would I like to think that in some small way I tried to make a difference by helping. I know our little food pantry cannot cure all the ills of the world, but it is my hope that it helps the people in my community…and this is something I want my “Coronavirus Story” to be about.


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