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Sarasota County Commissioner Ziegler, Sarasota calls on Sarasota to open up Lido Beach



Christian Ziegler





1) At this point with Manatee County, Charlotte County, Pinellas County, and everywhere in Sarasota County (but Lido Key Beach) being open, the case could be made that the City of Sarasota is hampering local social distancing efforts by forcing increased density at other local beaches. Do they not think their City residents are simply driving over a different bridge to head to the beach?


2) I feel for this business owner. His complaints and analysis (shared by many other business owners on St. Armands Circle) are spot on –> “With Lido Beach being the only beach that is closed, all of our potential customers are going to other beaches,” said Jeffrey Schrader, the owner of Ancient Olive on St. Armands Circle. “We are losing those customers. This is not sustainable and it adds to the long list of financial blows we’ve taken in the past three years.”


3) We cannot shelter-indefinitely. Eventually, whether the government likes it or not, the gavel of control will have to be passed from the government back to where it belongs – to The People. They MUST be trusted to engage in individual responsibility. And with about 99.99% of Sarasota County residents (city residents included) have followed recommendations and have been respectful. I have full faith in them to keep up the good work!…/coronavirus-florida-pressur…