Project Lifesaver assists in recovery of Suncoast man, San Antonio – Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office




On Friday, May 8, 2020 – the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office received a request for agency assistance. A Charlotte County man was reported missing while in San Antonio, TX. The man recently suffered a stroke and is diagnosed with dementia.


Because the man was a participant in the CCSO Project Lifesaver program, our office was able provide information that aided in his rescue. A photograph of the man was provided to San Antonio Police Department officers, as well as the frequency for his Project Lifesaver wristband. The individual was located and returned safely to his family.


Project Lifesaver International is a program that provides a non-intrusive means of tracking individuals who are prone to wandering; such as elders who may suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia, or youth diagnosed with autism.


Participants are given a wristband with a small radio transmitter, each with a unique frequency. Trackers use a special device tuned to the specific individuals frequency, enabling them to hone in on the individual and bring them back home safely.


To find out more about the Project Lifesaver program in Charlotte County, contact Tammy Wilkie at (941) 575-5345 or click on either link below.