Governor slammed for turning business owners into criminals


Cumberland County Sheriff Ronny Anderson says “I have no intentions of turning local business owners into criminals.”



Resistance is growing against unconstitutional orders from Democrat governors around the country.


Pennsylvania Sheriffs are denouncing Governor Tom Wolf’s orders to turn business owners into criminals.


Local media reports:

Two local sheriffs say they won’t enforce the Pennsylvania governor’s COVID-19 mitigation measures. Sheriff John Zechman of Snyder County and Ernie Ritter of Union County say they won’t help the governor turn business owners into criminals.


Cumberland County Sheriff Ronny Anderson made a popular Facebook post that assured citizens that the Sheriff office would not enforce any order that violates the constitution.


Sheriff Anderson said in part: “Our office will stand with the citizens in defense of all our Constitutional Rights! I have no intentions of turning local business owners into criminals“.


The Perry County Sheriff’s office made a similar post:


Resistance to tyranny starts at the local level. America will not be conquered without a fight.