Local law enforcement agencies put out communications regarding the tragic loss of George Floyd




The Venice Police Department is devastated by the tragic loss of George Floyd’s life and the unfathomable actions of the Minneapolis Police Officers. The egregious act and excessive force are not condoned and in no way reflect the dedicated individuals of the Venice Police Department. The actions of these officers are not lawful or acceptable in our society. The events which led to George Floyd’s untimely death are intolerable and must be met with swift action for justice as afforded by the Constitution of the United States for all citizens.


The Venice Police Department’s motto is “Our Citizens, Our Community, Our Commitment”. We will continue to monitor this situation as we strive to best serve our community through professional services and transparency.






Report on the rioting that is spreading because these Mayor’s are doing nothing to stop the “Protest”. Major media is promoting this same narrative by calling them protest, they are riots. The Mayor’s need to get control of the situation and lockup the provocateurs that are on the scene, such as Antifa, before this spreads even more. – Francesco Abbruzzino




A Society On The Brink Of Complete And Utter Chaos