Sleepy Joe: Biden Falls Asleep During UN Climate Conference

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep during the United Nations Climate Change Conference on Monday, prompting a staffer to wake him up to clap for the speech he snoozed through.


How embarrassing.

The geriatric puppet president tried to sneak a few Zs at the COP26, folding his hands and trying to stay upright as he got some shuteye.



But his nap was interrupted when a staffer rushed over and woke him to clap for the speech he just slept through.


Biden’s junket to Europe has been an optics disaster.


In Rome for the G20 summit, Biden was snubbed and ignored by the G20 members.


The Vatican also cancelled a scheduled event with Biden, prompting people online to speculate that perhaps Biden soiled himself in front of the Pope.


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