Season Abruptly Ends for HS Football Team Due to Vaccine Mandate

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A California high school football team has seen their season suddenly ended due to experimental injection mandates, according to reports.

The Crenshaw Cougars have been forced to withdraw from the playoffs because they do not have enough vaccinated players.


The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) implemented a new rule requiring all student-athletes to be ‘fully vaccinated’ to play on teams.


After the policy went into effect on Sunday, Crenshaw’s eligible roster was cut to 13 players, five shy of an 18-member minimum.


“It should be a free choice if you’re going to be vaccinated or not,” one mother told Fox 11.



“They knew last week that I was not going to have 18 kids,” said Crenshaw coach Robert Garrett, who has led the team since 1988.


“I played 15 kids. The other kids are there so they won’t be on the street. They’re there for social and emotional development.”


Coach Garrett says he was notified on Tuesday that his team did not have enough players to continue their season, according to the L.A. Times.


Crenshaw High School reportedly boasts a storied football history, having won the city championship five times.


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