Local Sarasota athlete is invited to play in the Bret Cooper Football- Jr. Academic All-American Bowl

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



I’m writing you regarding an exceptional local boy Dylan “Day” Adams 9 years old. Day(Quarterback) a local student athlete (holding 4.0 GPA) just received a very prestigious acknowledgment and invitation. He was selected and invited to participate in the Bret Cooper Football- Jr. Academic All-American Bowl, in Dallas,TX, on 1-2-2022 (which is a part of the Cotton Bowl and the College football playoffs).


This honor is distinctive because no other game in the nation has an academic and character-related requirement for an All-American selection. He is 1of30 selected out of over 35,000 athletes across the country (to boot the youngest selected and will be playing in the 11u age group).


The rosters from the Bret Cooper All-American game have been requested by colleges and universities along with major national publications highlighting the next top national recruits. I’d say it’s safe to safe Sarasota’s football future remains bright with student athletes leading the way. I truly hope that you can help in highlighting this wonderful achievement while showing a very positive story coming out of our community.


Coach Alan Adams


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