Juan Williams Says ‘Parents’ Rights’ is Code for ‘White Race Politics’

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Fox News Democrat contributor Juan Williams claimed Monday that parents who want a say about their children’s education are actually white supremacists.


Yes, really.

In an op-ed for The Hill, Williams asserted that “parents’ rights” at the center of the conflict between Virginia parents and school boards pushing critical race theory is really a “code” for “white race politics.”


“Virginia Republicans are back with a new and improved ‘Culture Wars’ campaign for 2021. The closing argument is once again full of racial division — but this time it is dressed up as a defense of little children,” Williams wrote.


“The rallying cry is ‘Parents’ Rights.’ It is a campaign to stop classroom discussion of Black Lives Matter protests or slavery because it could upset some children, especially white children who might feel guilt.”


Williams went on to perpetuate the thoroughly debunked “very fine people” propaganda; a claim Trump referred to white supremacists as “very fine people” in 2017, when in fact, he condemned them — just check the transcript.



“But this movement is not about parents. It is about exciting the far-right base by stirring up racial division,” Williams said.


As we’ve reported, some of the most impassioned parents who spoke against critical race theory in recent school board meetings have been black and nonwhite.


Watch these black parents completely destroy critical race theory and Williams’ race-baiting narrative:





Williams is just a typical Democrat shill who knowingly obfuscates legitimate issues – like government vs parental rights – with identity politics.


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