Here we go, there is a protest against “white supremacist” Kyle Rittenhouse today in Sarasota

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Here we go………………  Keep this in perspective.  He was a person that shot three individuals, killing two.  One was a child rapist, and the others had some criminal charges.  ALL were white, so where are they coming up with white supremacist?  Yet the leaders of  The Leaders Rights Organization, Women’s Voices of SW Florida and The Party for Socialism and Liberation – Florida are referring to him as the white nationalist Kyle Rittenhouse.  Again, everyone involved was white.  A jury of his peers found him conclusively not guilty on all charges.  They claim the judge showed favoritism by following the law and not caving to threats of violent protest or allowing the prosecutor to violate Kyle’s constitutional right to remain silent.    They claim he drove across state lines with the intent of “playing militia”.  What the fact he drove across state lines has to do with it, I am not sure, outside of the anti-second amendment rhetoric about carrying guns across lines.  He drove “across state lines” not to play militia, but to go to his dads house.  At that point he joined others in the neighborhood to protect business that were being destroyed by what media deemed to be “peaceful protesters”.


Their posting about the protest, which local media is shining a light on, as a positive thing, see below.  It is at 5pm today the Sarasota County Courthouse.


Via the protest event


White nationalist Kyle Rittenhouse instigated bloodshed at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha Wisconsin last year, eventually killing two and injuring a third.


On Friday, November 19th, a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges, in an unusual trial where Rittenhouse was shown tremendous favoritism by the judge. Rittenhouse was not acting in self defense, as it was portrayed by the corporate media and police.


Rittenhouse, at the age of 17, drove across state lines with the intention of playing militia, and the armed with the ability kill protestors. The US “justice” system has sent a clear message: In the Unites States of America, white supremacists go free.


Join us to protest this racist system. We, the people, find Rittenhouse guilty on all charges.


Show up and fight back!!



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