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Are Gasoline Prices Being Pushed Higher On Purpose?

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC




Is it just a “coincidence” that gasoline prices have absolutely exploded since Joe Biden took office?  The hatred that many on the left have for traditional forms of energy is well known.  Many of them are entirely convinced that the changes that are happening to our climate can be reversed if we can just transition away from traditional forms of energy.  So on the left there is a lot of interest in finding ways to create incentives for people to use “cleaner” forms of energy instead of “dirtier” forms of energy.  For example, the left would love to see all of us driving around in electric vehicles, and one way to accelerate that transition would be to dramatically raise the price of gasoline.  Interestingly, that is precisely what is happening right now.  In fact, the average price of a gallon of gasoline just hit another all-time high in California


Gas prices in California reached an all-time high Monday as the average price of a regular gallon soared to $4.682, according to the American Automobile Assn.


It was the state’s second record-breaking day in a row. Monday’s price for regular unleaded was six-tenths of a cent higher than the Sunday average reported by AAA, which broke the previous state record of $4.671 set in October 2012.


And things are even worse in the San Francisco area.  For those living there, the average price of a gallon of gasoline has almost reached five dollars


Drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area are paying more at the pump than anywhere else in the country – with a gallon of gas hitting a near record level of $4.84 as the nation remains in the grip of an inflation crisis.


On November 30th of last year, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was just $2.21.


So what changed?


I think that it is pretty obvious.  Last year we had a Republican in the White House and now we have a Democrat.


The Biden regime has been publicly expressing concern about gas prices, but at the same time the administration just keeps making moves that they know will make the energy crisis even worse.


When Breitbart News recently interviewed Senator Tom Cotton, he actually accused the administration of pumping up gasoline prices on purpose


Cotton, who campaigned last week for Republicans in Iowa ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, told Breitbart News in a phone interview between events that he believes the high gas prices are on purpose.


“Most notably, more and more people tell me that they’re not even able to fill their pickup truck tank up for the entire week,” Cotton said. “They’ve got to fill up half a tank and hope that the price comes down by the end of the week. That, in particular, is the intended effect of Joe Biden’s energy policy. It’s not unintended or some accident. They want gas to cost $4 a gallon because they want all of us to get out of pickup trucks and SUVs and get into small electric compacts or bicycles or scooters or whatever else Pete Buttigieg takes to work.”


So is Senator Cotton correct about this?


If he is, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.


Meanwhile, we just learned that over the past year home prices have been rising much, much faster than paychecks have been


For Americans seeking to buy a home, this year has likely brought much frustration. A nexus of several natural and man-made factors culminated in the tightest residential real estate markets in recent memory.


While median wages increased by 4.3 percent October-to-October this year vs last, typical mortgage payment (30-year fixed rate with 10 percent down payment) increased nearly 17 percent, according to the National Association of Realtors (pdf). That means an average American worker earning about $4,300 a month would need to spend nearly $1,400 a month on a typical mortgage payment. And that’s before income taxes, social security taxes, Medicare taxes, property taxes, home insurance, and utility bills.


Our standard of living is being absolutely eviscerated, and the middle class is shrinking a little bit more with each passing day.


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