Aaron Rogers Refuses to Wear a Mask and NFL Forces Him to Give Post-Game Press Conference on Zoom – Despite Him Having Antibodies From Recent COVID Infection

by Daily Mail

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Aaron Rodgers was back playing with the Green Bay Packers on Sunday following a tumultuous couple of weeks and having completed ten days of self-isolation following a positive covid test.


But the quarterback but was forced to give his post-game press conference over Zoom because he is unvaccinated and refused to comply with NFL rules that would require him to wear a mask indoors, despite having antibodies against the virus.

‘It was good to be back with the guys, good to be back at home, good to be on the field, really,’ Rodgers said during the Zoom presser. ‘I am happy – just a little tired. It has been a long ten days.





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