Sarasota: The Tony Saprito Fishing Pier is temporarily closed to the public after it sustained damage from wave action Friday.

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



City of Sarasota


A wooden section of the pier was wave-lifted out of its landing recess and suffered damage Friday morning. Staff from the City’s Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments have inspected the damaged section and determined it presents a safety hazard. The pier will be closed indefinitely until repairs can be made.


The pier, located adjacent to the John Ringling Causeway Bridge, underwent a comprehensive rehabilitation project that was completed earlier this year and included the installation of a new concrete top deck and retrofitting of concrete pilings, caps and light poles. Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant railings also were installed, plus six benches and three shade structures to provide relief from the intense Florida sun.


For more information, including the location of other fishing piers at City parks, visit


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