‘Not A Mask In Sight’: Chris Wallace Asks CDC Director Why Packed Football Stadiums Aren’t Creating Spikes | The Daily Caller

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director, Rochelle Walensky, why packed sports arenas weren’t contributing to a rise in COVID-19 cases on “Fox News Sunday.”

“You see hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands people all packed together – not a mask in sight. I understand it’s outdoors,” Wallace stated, “but what does it tell you that there have not been spikes in most of these communities when you have people crowded into football or baseball stadiums?”


While contending that the unvaccinated should still wear masks at these events, Walensky argued that the outdoors tend to be a much safer environment.


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