The latest update from the City of North Port on the flooding that is taking place

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC






Early field reports Saturday morning indicate water levels are slowly going down. We’re cautiously optimistic. Our Emergency Operations Center is still active. City crews for both infrastructure and emergency needs are out keeping tabs on the situation along the Myakkahatchee Creek corridor and acting where necessary. We have no reports of water intrusion into homes. The regional strike team for area agencies continues to provide support along with the Florida Department of Emergency Management.

-Visitors to our Emergency shelter at the Morgan Center remain low. One individual this morning. 6207 W Price Blvd

-We helped evacuate a number of individuals throughout Friday and one individual overnight who got their vehicle stuck in high water.

-A self-serve sandbag station is available beginning at the end of City Center Blvd. next to the Larry Thoennissen Athletic Fields past the George Mullen Activity Center (1602 Kramer Way).

We’re doing everything we can to keep residents informed. Thank you to all the local media we have been working with in recent days to help spread important information.

Here is what else we are doing to keep the info flowing and how everyone can stay up to speed:

  2. Download the City app “North RePort” in your favorite app store. Allow your phone to receive push notifications and/or use the “Alerts” button.
  3. Updates around the clock on social media on Facebook or @cityofnorthport on Twitter. Also consider using the “Nextdoor” social media app.
  4. Sign up to receive notifications through the “Alert Sarasota County” platform. We have been sending messages through text, email, cell, and home phones to those in impacted areas.
  5. Our call center at 941-429-7169 has received hundreds of calls in the past few days. The center is closed currently. However, if you call the number you will receive valuable info on the latest and how to find more information. We will open back up with live operators if the need arises.

Please continue to be vigilant and practice caution. We’re asking that roads in the area stay to local traffic and that people respect the fact that water could be pushed into homes from the wake of vehicles. Emergency crews will need to access the areas. We will do what we can to reduce the impact as much as possible.



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